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Creation Becomes The Main Direction
- Jan 02, 2019 -

It is often said that quality is always superior to quantity, and creation is greater than imitation. In the few years when China's strength has advanced by leaps and bounds, most companies rely on the market to spur the market and ignore the improvement of original quality.

In today's world, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change is emerging, and the global manufacturing industry is facing major adjustments. China's manufacturing industry is in the critical stage of going from big to strong and climbing over the ridge. It is necessary to take improving the quality of products and services as the focus of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and conscientiously implement the basic policy of "quality first" put forward by "Made In China 2025". Speed up the formation of quality brand as the symbol of the new competitive advantage. 

Quality is the core element of enterprise competitiveness, but also the concentrated reflection of comprehensive national strength. From the industrialization process of developed countries, the manufacturing industry has generally experienced a process of quality evolution from low-end extensive to high-end sophisticated, and finally won the leading position and international reputation through high-quality products.Good product quality is an important symbol of strong manufacturing.At present, the global manufacturing industry has entered a more dimensional, deeper and higher level of all-round competition stage, China's industry towards the high-end facing the "two-way squeeze" of the severe challenge. In the low-end and mid-range sectors, low-cost, low-price competition among developing countries is becoming increasingly fierce.In the middle and high-end fields,developed countries firmly control the key core technologies in key industries and fields, and hold the competitive high ground with brand quality, and hold the right to speak in terms of innovative design, key technological innovation, and international standard setting.In order to achieve industrial upgrading and quality catch-up, and to reshape the comparative advantages of labor-intensive industries such as textiles and light industry, and to rapidly upgrade the competitiveness of technology-intensive industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, It is necessary to improve the quality of products and services as the foundation and transformation of the industry, which is the only way to speed up the construction of manufacturing power.

China's manufacturing industry is in a critical period of quality transformation. Since the reform and opening up, China has made remarkable achievements in the development of manufacturing industry and has become the largest manufacturing country in the world. The foundation of the manufacturing industry has been significantly improved, the quality management capability has been continuously improved, The quality of some products and services in the fields of raw materials, major equipment, and consumer goods is approaching the international advanced level, and a number of well-known brands with international influence have emerged. However, on the whole, the basis for the continuous improvement of China's manufacturing quality is still relatively weak. The quality improvement rate still lags behind the changes in market demand. Quality and safety accidents and disputes have occurred from time to time. The price-based product competition pattern needs to be reshaped.Due to insufficient supply of high-quality products, China's mid-to-high-end purchasing power has continued to flow out through “haitao” and overseas consumption. Some products have also been blocked due to the failure to meet the quality standards of other countries.Taking the development road of winning by quality is not only the inherent requirement of the transformation and upgrading of our manufacturing industry, but also the inevitable choice to enhance the international competitiveness of the industry. It is also a pragmatic measure to meet the needs of the masses in consumption upgrading. 

A new round of industrial change provides an opportunity for the quality upgrade of the manufacturing industry.From the perspective of quality supply, the current integration of network information technology such as big data, cloud computing, and Internet of Things with manufacturing industry has profoundly changed the development concept and mode of manufacturing industry, and has continuously promoted new modes of collaborative innovation, intelligent production, and personalized customization,new tools and means for quality design, quality control, quality management and quality inspection. From the perspective of quality demand, China's high-income and middle-income groups continue to expand, and the high-end consumption power continues to increase. Consumers have shifted from passive consumption to active choice, from meeting basic needs to focusing on fashion, taste, reputation, and green, Market demand speeds up to diversification, personalization, intelligent evolution, spawning a large number of new product quality and service demand. Only by firmly grasping the opportunity of quality improvement brought by industrial transformation, can China hope to realize the leap development of manufacturing products, quality and brand, and accelerate the promotion of the value connotation and international reputation of Chinese manufacture. It will lay a solid foundation for the construction of a powerful manufacturing country.