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Development Of The Aluminum Industry Under The Internet + Environment
- Jan 17, 2019 -

With the rapid development of the world economy,the internet sales model has brought a big impact on the traditional economic model.

The so-called “Internet +”refers to the process of spreading and applying the information technology of the internet, especially the mobile Internet, in all fields of economic and social sectors, and continuously releasing data mobility."Internet +" is actually a new form of development and new business of the Internet under Innovation 2.0 (the information age, the innovative form of the knowledge society).

Aluminum processing is an important part of China's non-ferrous metal industry.After years of rapid development, China has become the world's largest aluminum producer and consumer, and its comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced.Aluminum processing is a key link in the creation of added value in the aluminum industry chain. The development of aluminum processing has far-reaching implications for the development of the entire aluminum industry chain."Internet +" brings some new opportunities and challenges to all aspects of the aluminum processing industry.

The impact of “Internet +” on aluminum processing industry procurement and supply chain

“Big Data” and “Cloud Computing” aggregate information such as the location, price, and product quality of the raw materials to be purchased. The information can be comprehensively screened for the purchase, and the information such as price and quality is more transparent. Our procurement brings a better way to choose.

The influence of "Internet +" on the production process of aluminum processing industry

Delivery time and product quality are two key factors in the production process. After the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology intelligently transform the production process, it can play a positive role in shortening the delivery period and improving the product quality.Such as equipment management and control system: equipment operation monitoring and data collection, equipment parameter monitoring can monitor the operation status of automation equipment;Product tracking system: bar code management and product tracking procedures for in-process products can realize real-time tracking of products;Quality control system for production process: quality data collection port, quality data collection program, reporting program, etc.

The influence of "Internet +" on the marketing of aluminum processing industry

With the rapid development of the Internet market, the traditional single marketing model has long been unable to meet the development needs of the aluminum processing market. Many aluminum processing enterprises have begun to shift their marketing focus to the emerging mode of network marketing. They hope to use the Internet to expand market share, promote brands, and raise awareness.For example, through the B2B, B2C e-commerce platform for marketing, with the emerging mobile Internet and various major media public platforms for marketing.

In general, the "Internet +" era is a era of great change. The application of massive data resources, the business model dominated by customers, and the miniaturization of enterprise organizations are the characteristics gradually reflected in this era. Under this economic model, The transformation from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing is a major trend. As an important part of the non-ferrous metal industry, the aluminum processing industry is further promoting the integration of the two industries and welcoming the "Internet +", which is a topic worthy of discussion.