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Development Status Of Domestic Tube Bending Machine Industry In Recent Years
- Dec 29, 2018 -

The development of the machine tool industry in the first half of this year was significantly faster than that of the whole industry last year. Our tube bending machine tools, tube cutting machines, metal circular sawing machines and other tube processing machines, As the furniture industry warmed up and demand industries such as medical equipment, shipbuilding, car exhaust pipes, and so on, our sales volume of tube bender equipment in the first half of this year obviously rebounded from last year's total output.

Although the sales of hydraulic tube bending equipment is still in front of fully automatic tube bending machine tools, it is still our main force. However, in the era of great transformation and development of the CNC machine tool industry in China, in the current economic situation, we should understand the direction of control of the situation, and give a thorough analysis of the impact on the CNC machine tool industry and the development situation in the future. Both for the long-term development of the CNC machine tool industry in China, or for the breakthrough in the specific work of the CNC machine tool industry has a positive guiding role.

From overseas experience, service industry is the most important direction of economic transformation. However, with the deepening of social division of economic growth, the division of labor in the service industry has gradually refined.We can roughly divide the service industry into three categories: the first is to meet the needs of enterprises, which can be called producer service, the second is living service, which mainly meets the needs of the residents, and the third is the public service provided by the government.

As we all know, machine tool mould has irreplaceable effect in the development trend of die industry. In the field of high-end mold machine tools, China's enterprises have achieved breakthroughs and achieved product upgrades and leapfrogging. At the same time, the company's research and development capabilities are constantly improving, and more and more powerful companies are beginning to emerge.

With the development of the whole national mould machine tool industry, the transformation and upgrading of the industry has been realized, and the future development direction of the mould in our country is already relatively clear, and the machine tool mold is also out of the print of a Chinese characteristic. 

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