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EU's Policy Measures To Promote The Development Of CNC Machine Tool Industry
- Jan 08, 2019 -

With the transfer of traditional manufacturing to China, Industrial developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan are developing and implementing new production strategies to uphold and strengthen their competitiveness.The EU believes that manufacturing operations are still an important force in promoting the economic development of Europe, but the connotation will change,it is a high-skilled production operation, that is, knowledge-based production. Its mission is to rebuild European manufacturing operations and complete the modern transformation of the industrial structure.

To this end, the EU attaches great importance to the development of the CNC machine tool industry. The European Machine Tool Industry Cooperation Committee organizes the European World Machine Tool Show. In the odd years, the European World Machine Tool Show is held in Hannover, Germany and Milan, Italy;At the same time, the Skills Department of the European Machine Tool Industry Cooperation Committee was established to support the development of machine tool skills. There are a number of research projects that include part of the machine tool, such as the “EU 7th Framework Program”, “Thematic Network Production Skills”, “Working on the life cycle of environmentally friendly products for the construction of competitive machine tools” and “Next Generation Production System” and so on.The following is a brief introduction to the main content of the "Next Generation Production System".

In order to advance the competitiveness of European-made operations tomorrow, the European Community has funded the research of the “Next Generation Production System” by 25 units from nine countries including the European Machine Tool Association, manufacturers, research institutes, end users and banks.The project costs up to 24 million euros for a period of 4 years, and the Hannover Machine Tool Exhibition organized a special report on the project.

The next generation production system project mainly includes the following five items:

(1) Green machine tools; (2) User-oriented intelligent machine tools; (3) breakthrough high-efficiency machining processes; (4) new economic activity areas; (5) new training and promotion methods.

The expected goals of the next generation production system project are:

(1) Improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Improve the competitiveness of production companies by improving the yield and product quality of the factory system.

(2) Environment. We will minimize the environmental load of the production system and complete sustainable development.

(3) Employment. A new generation of careers, improving existing conditions, so that women can also be competent in the work.

(4) Quality of life. Improve occupational safety, improve working conditions, and protect workers' health.

(5) The image of the operation. Improving the image of production and research in the manufacturing industry is no longer a painful and tiring job.