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Features Of Automatic Walking Plate Chamfering Machine.
- Sep 30, 2018 -

1: From the angle of the workpiece can be used for welding, no need to do any processing.
The thickness of any cutting material is 5-40mm, the minimum width is 70mm, and the minimum length is 150mm.
2: The bevel angle in the 15 degree-50 degree range, arbitrarily adjust, do not need to replace parts.
3: Pressure bar and workpiece support parts can be adjusted up and down in the range marked with scale.
4: The machine is equipped with four slots for easy handling and fixing of long and thick workpieces.
5: The flat bevel machine can operate the machine vertically or horizontally, and the workpiece to be cut is tightly fastened 6: Can be from the left or right side of the slope mouth.
Flexible and convenient operation.
7: All circuit equipment is installed in the dust-free box, the machine is safe to operate.
8: Complies with CE standard