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Healthy Consumption Market View
- Jan 04, 2019 -

The structure of “quantity” driven by “quality” is a problem that China has long adhered to and needs to actively respond to and enhance.The unhealthy trend that needs to be rectified first is the concept of bad consumption brought to consumers by low cost, low quality and high output.

 Firmly establish quality awareness and create a social atmosphere that pays full attention to quality.Quality awareness determines quality actions, and quality actions generate quality results.It is necessary to guide enterprises to implement quality main responsibility, establish a business philosophy of quality first and reputation first, support enterprises to carry out various forms of quality education and training activities, and guide employees to actively participate in product quality improvement and enhance the sense of quality responsibility of all employees.Strengthen the cultivation of small and medium-sized enterprises' quality awareness, support professional institutions to provide the general small and medium-sized enterprises with total quality management concept, methods and experience training services, and fill shortcomings as soon as possible.Encourage industry associations, professional organizations and news media to conduct quality supervision and brand publicity, organize and implement mass quality brand activities, guide the whole society to care about quality, advocating quality, establish correct quality awareness, master necessary quality knowledge, and accelerate the formation of quality the idea of a good price.

Vigorously cultivate quality professionals, tamping quality brand building talent base. The soul of quality lies in the heart of the craftsman. To achieve the strategic goal of quality upgrading, the key lies in people.In order to strengthen the training of manufacturing talents, we should combine the craftsman spirit and quality culture with the modern education and training system, and promote the formation of the spiritual core of quality improvement. Support professional organizations to carry out comprehensive quality management, lean management, quality commissioners and other training, and constantly improve the professional quality talent training mechanism.Guide all localities to improve the use of high-skilled talents, encourage tilting in income distribution, social security, etc., optimize the selection, training and use of incentives for skilled workers, and provide talent protection for high-quality products.Support the internal organization management mode of enterprise innovation, vigorously promote the "double innovation" achievements such as innovation studios and large craftsmen's rooms, and provide the platform and space for "Casting sharp sword, grinding fine goods" for professional talents, and accelerate the ability of enterprises to create high-quality products.

Improve the quality management system and strengthen the mechanism guarantee for quality brand building.Quality construction involves a wide range of issues, and it is necessary to establish a quality management system that involves multiple parties and synergies.It is necessary to actively promote the institutionalization of quality governance, promote the improvement of manufacturing quality brand policies and related laws and regulations, and improve the quality supervision, quality integrity and traceability system of multi-sector collaborative promotion.Speed up the construction of quality brand specialized public service platform, establish a number of quality testing demonstration center, build a number of high-level industrial quality control and technical evaluation laboratory, to provide strong support for quality upgrading. Give full play to the role of intermediary organizations such as industry associations, establish and improve quality service systems such as inspection and testing, quality appraisal, and vocational training, explore and establish an industry quality reward system, promote enterprise quality innovation and enhance refined management.Encourage market participants to actively contribute wisdom, build an "Internet +" quality governance platform, widely gather all kinds of information to improve product quality, and apply big data analysis and other technologies to continuously optimize quality management capabilities.

Create a fair competition order and optimize the market environment for quality brand building.Promoting the formation of a market environment that supports quality manufacturing and superior product promotion is the key to stimulate the impetus of enterprise quality improvement. It is necessary to perfect the quality competition mechanism for the survival of the fittest, severely punish monopoly and unfair competition according to law, promote and perfect government procurement policies that are conducive to helping the superior and limiting the inferior, and create a market competition order of "winning by quality". Promote the improvement of product quality supervision and enforcement mechanisms, strictly implement product quality policies and legal provisions, implement the punitive damages system for counterfeit and shoddy products in accordance with the law, and truly compress the living space of low-quality products.Further deepening the reform of the system and mechanism, strengthening the management of enterprise fees and charges, reducing institutional transaction costs, and incessantly motivating enterprises to engage in high-quality manufacturing. Promote the implementation of quality big data actions, give play to the function of publicity, evaluation and guidance of quality credit system, and establish social cognition and behavior orientation with high price and good sales because of excellent quality.