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How To Choose Lubricating Oil For Tube Bending Machine
- Dec 28, 2018 -

1. Under the condition that the friction parts of the tube bending machine are fully operated, the lubricating oil with small viscosity should be preferred in order to reduce energy consumption.

2. Friction parts that work under high-speed load conditions should use low-viscosity lubricants, while friction parts that work under low-speed and heavy-load conditions should use high-viscosity lubricants.

3. When the ambient temperature is low, the lubricating oil with low viscosity should be used. Otherwise, the lubricating oil with high viscosity should be used; under high temperature conditions, the lubricating oil with high flash point should be used; under low temperature, the lubricating oil with low freezing point should be used.

4. Impact, vibration, reciprocating motion, intermittent motion, etc. are unfavorable for the formation of oil film. Therefore, a lubricating oil with a higher viscosity or a grease or a solid lubricant should be selected to ensure reliable lubrication.

5. The lubricating oil with low viscosity should be used in the friction pair with small clearance, and the lubricant with low viscosity should be used in the working face with high surface processing accuracy.

6. Under the mechanical circulation condition, the lubricating oil with less viscosity should be selected. When the oil is intermittently added, the lubricating oil with slightly higher viscosity should be selected; for the vertical lubricating surface, the exposed gear, the chain, the steel wire rope, etc. should choose the lubricating oil with larger viscosity.

7. If there is no suitable grade of lubricating oil, you may choose a similar type of lubricating oil for substitution or blending, and you may only select a lubricating oil slightly greater than the specified viscosity when used, and when mixed, you may try not to use two different properties. Mixed with different brands and oils with additives.