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Machine Composition Of Chamfering Machine
- Sep 30, 2018 -

1, Portable chamfering machine: Mainly by three-phase motor, start switch, shell casting, support baffle, scale bar, humanized hand.

Milling cutter and other components, the principle is through the motor driven milling cutter blade on the workpiece chamfering work. 

2, portable automatic walking chamfering machine: mainly by mobile walking frame, three-phase motor., turbine, vortex rod, deceleration device, controller, start switch, emergency stop button, reversing button, magnetic thermal protection, shell castings, support wheel, angle wheel and other components, the principle is that the motor through the Reducer drive the whole roll washing knife disk, Milling and chamfering operations are performed by rolling the disc.To achieve the small plate self-propelled, large machine automatic walking. 

3, Desktop chamfering machine: from the body, outer corner chamfering work table, positioning platform, angle chamfering table, internal angle rotation cutter Head, outer corner rotation cutter Head, motor and transmission mechanism, the body level on the board vertical installation, outer corner rotating cutter head, the lower part of the shaft set drive mechanism, Vertical lifting of the internal angle of the inner corner of the Chamfer Table Center of the inner corner of the opening of the internal angle of the head open, located in the above outer corner rotating cutter Head is positioned above the lower side of the groove and the Outer Corner chamfer table Outer Corner The opening of the hole, the end surface of the outer corner turning the head exposed outer corner the hole,

Outer Corner chamfering table and the body horizontal upper plate between the lifting device, so that the outer corner chamfering table vertical Lifting, so that the outer corner cutter Head Open and foreign corner rotation of the head of the blade can be adjusted.