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Made In China 2025 ‘1+X ’planning System
- Jan 21, 2019 -

In order to refine the implementation of "Made in China 2025", focus on breaking through the bottlenecks and shortcomings of the development of the manufacturing industry, and seize the commanding heights of the future competition, the National Manufacturing Power Building Leading Group launched the preparation of the "1+X" planning system.“1” refers to “Made in China 2025”, and “X” refers to 11 supporting implementation guides, action guides and development planning guidelines, including national manufacturing innovation center construction, industrial strong base, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, high-end equipment,etc five major project implementation guidelines,development of two special action guides for quality brands in service manufacturing and equipment manufacturing, and four development planning guidelines for new materials, information industry, pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing talents. The purpose of compiling the "1+X" planning system is to strengthen the government's guidance, gather industry consensus, pool social resources, focus on key points, solve difficult problems, and strive to break through the bottleneck of manufacturing development and seize the commanding heights of future competition.The 11 X researched and prepared by the relevant member units of the National Manufacturing Power Building Leading Group and have been released for implementation.

In the process of the preparation of X, relevant experts, enterprises and various opinions were widely consulted. The National Manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee established a professional group to actively participate in the investigation, discussion, drafting and demonstration evaluation of relevant guidelines;Among them, the three guidelines for new materials, information industry, and manufacturing talents have also been examined and approved by the State Council.The relationship of the 11 X is focused on each other and supported by each other. There are both forward-looking layouts and basic breakthroughs. There are both overall guidance for key common problems and system planning for key industry sectors.Specifically:

The formulation of the five engineering implementation guidelines is the concrete implementation of the five major projects of "Made in China 2025", and clarifies the objectives, tasks and means of project implementation.Among them, the manufacturing innovation center construction project aims to break through the cutting-edge technologies and key common technologies in key areas, and establish an innovation chain from technology development to transfer and diffusion to the first commercial application;The industrial strong foundation project mainly solves the bottlenecks of engineering and industrialization of core basic components, key basic materials, advanced basic processes, and builds industrial technology basic services.These two projects mainly solve the basic ability problem.The green manufacturing project accelerates the construction of a green manufacturing system by promoting green transformation and upgrading of various industries and various links in the manufacturing industry;Intelligent manufacturing engineering takes the digital manufacturing popularization and intelligent manufacturing demonstration as the starting point, promotes the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry, and promotes the industry to the middle and high end;The high-end equipment innovation project focuses on breaking through the industrial application of a number of major equipment and providing advanced production tools for upgrading various industries.

In the two special action guides, the promotion of equipment manufacturing quality brand promotion action focuses on consolidating the quality foundation and creating a new competitive advantage in manufacturing industry based on quality and safety, high-quality products as the core and international brands;The development of service-oriented manufacturing initiatives aims to foster a new ecosystem of integration and development by accelerating innovation, technological innovation and management innovation in manufacturing enterprises.

In the four development planning guidelines, the new material industry development guide is to meet the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the development of strategic emerging industries and the urgent need for major technical equipment, and to build enterprises with the main body, with universities and scientific research institutions as the support, military and civilian depth,the new material industry system of integration, production, study and research synergy, breaking through a number of new material varieties, key process technologies and special equipment;The information industry development guide is to accelerate the establishment of a globally competitive, safe and controllable information industry ecosystem, strengthen scientific and technological innovation capabilities, industrial infrastructure capabilities and security capabilities, break through key bottlenecks, optimize industrial structure, improve product quality, and improve Infrastructure, deepen universal services, promote deep integration applications, and expand network economic space;The pharmaceutical industry development planning guide aims to accelerate technological innovation, deepen open cooperation, ensure quality and safety, increase effective supply, increase varieties, improve quality and create brands, and achieve rapid development in the pharmaceutical industry and move toward the middle and high-end;The guidelines for manufacturing talent development planning are based on the overall perspective of manufacturing talent training and team building, improving the personnel training system and mechanism, consolidating the foundation of talent team building, accelerating the cultivation of talent shortages, and improving the mechanisms for talent use, mobility, evaluation, and incentives. The strategic goal of manufacturing a strong country provides solid talent support.

The 11 X are not prescriptive but guided. They aim to give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation. In specific implementation, governments, enterprises, research institutes, universities, financial institutions, etc. Extensive participation and joint efforts.In the next step, the National Manufacturing Power Building Leading Group will strengthen the implementation of the “1+X” system of “Made in China 2025”, refine the key tasks and division of responsibilities, aim at the goal, and focus on key tasks, major projects, and key areas. A group of key tasks, clear time nodes, implement supporting policies, and work together with the implementation of "Made in China 2025" to form a global overall plan and focus on promotion.