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New Development Of The Tube Bending Machine Industry Under The Background Of The Internet
- Jan 09, 2019 -

"Internet +" is an upgraded version of the two-in-one integration.The Internet is extracted as the core feature of the current information development, and fully integrated with industry, commerce, finance and other services.The key to this is innovation. Only innovation can make this truly valuable and meaningful.Because of this, "Internet +" is regarded as a new form of Internet development under innovation 2.0, and a new evolution of economic and social development driven by innovation 2.0 in knowledge society. In general, "Internet +" is "Internet + various traditional industries",but this is not a simple addition of the two, but the use of information and communication technology and the Internet platform to allow the Internet to deepen integration with traditional industries and create a new development ecology,and with their own strength to change their production methods, industrial structure, "Internet + industry" has become an important breakthrough in the traditional industry like machine tools.

Tube bending machine tube processing manufacturing industry In recent years, the global Internet development model of products has formed a new round of marketing system, which will completely subvert the traditional way of operation in the past.The transformation of the model is the arrival of a new round of revolutionary development opportunities. With the vigorous development of the Internet, Zhangjiagang Emech Tech co.,ltd., our current product marketing channels are basically product promotion and marketing by the Internet.The sales outlets of the offices developed in the past have now been transformed into our product maintenance service points.Through the online promotion of offline experience to support the way, the later maintenance of tube bender products is the direct arrangement of the company, in maintenance services will be more perfect and timely service guarantee.

  The combination of the tube bender industry and the Internet will be a long-lasting process;The re-engineering ability of the Internet will give enterprises more innovative challenges. This is not the path that two companies can explore. It requires our entire industry to go hand in hand and find out what is truly suitable for the Chinese machine tool industry and can quickly catch up with foreign innovations road.