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Non-standard Automation, Blood In The Enterprise
- Jan 29, 2019 -

Non-standard mechanical design is designed according to the sample or request made by the customer.I believe that there are still many people who are unfamiliar with this word. It is only about knowing what it is, and what are the characteristics of non-standard mechanical design.

Features of non-standard mechanical design services:

1. Focus on the principles of design standardization, modularity and simplification.

2. After the design is completed, you can export product renderings in BMP and JPG format to edit product information and create product advertisements.

3. All 2D structure diagrams are automatically generated by the computer according to the 3D digital model, which ensures the accuracy of view and size, and ensures the harmony of drawing quality and work efficiency.

4. All 3D design software such as cad and Pro / E are used to design products. It can produce the volume, weight and center of gravity of the part, which provides a reliable basis for related design and subsequent processing.

Non-standard mechanical design field

Mechanical design is only designed and manufactured according to the given solution and object. Non-standard mechanical design is different, it is to be innovative, non-standard mechanical and mechanical design is designed without a reference. Non-standard products can't be replaced, but they can gradually improve and gradually become the products that people begin to standardize.

metal bending machine3

Non-standard mechanical design advantages

It not only improves quality, but also improves efficiency and ensures production safety. So there is no controversy about bringing the gospel to the enterprise.The non-standard mechanical design is customized according to the needs of the product. It can improve the product quality and complete all kinds of complicated labeling at one time, greatly improving the work efficiency, one-person operation, reducing the work station, saving labor costs, simple operation, and only the operator Need to put the product into the device. Press the start button. The processing accuracy can be guaranteed, and the loading and unloading is convenient, accurate and fast.

Non-standard mechanical design prospects

The prospect of non-standard mechanical design has always been good. The technological progress of the manufacturing industry is inseparable from the non-standard design work. In the enterprise, it is the blood in the enterprise. In the society, it is the pioneer of technological progress. Simply put, non-standard mechanical design is the design of non-standard equipment and non-standard parts, non-standard tooling.