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Pipe Cutting Machine Operation
- Sep 30, 2018 -

1. Pre-boot inspection

1.1 Check whether the saw blade is intact, there is a hit, cracks should be replaced.

1.2 According to the specifications of high-pressure hose, replace the corresponding locating pin and guide sleeve.

2. Operation procedure

2.1 Switch on the power and start the motor.

2.2 will be cut into the high-pressure hose into a good guide sleeve, flip the knife-shaped hand to drive the hose to the saw blade, the hose is cut off, when the skateboard reset, by two pull spring back in place.

2.3 will cut the inner hole of the rubber tube into the locating pin shaft, saw blade rotation, so that in the preparation of the Peel cut open a seam, to ensure that the rubber tube stripping, resulting in a good break glue effect.

2.4 After work, the power must be cut off.