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The Concrete Links In The Operation Of The Tube Bending Machine
- Dec 25, 2018 -

CNC tube bending machine is one of the most common equipment for modern mold processing.The main working mode of most CNC tube bending machines is the upper piston press,its driving force has obvious characteristics, which has a great relationship with the process of bending machine mold production.But it is undeniable that the production of CNC tube bending machine is more secure.

The working characteristic of the CNC tube bending machine is that the pressure is formed by two parallel working hydraulic cylinders. The pressure is vertically downward, and the pressure can drive the bending beam mold to perform the bending work.The typical bending process of the upper bending beam has several stages and links, including downward movement, rest state and decompression, return stroke, etc.:

First: downward movement

The downward fast closing motion of the ordinary tube bending machine is generally a free-falling type, that is, the movement is generated by the self-weight of the bending machine itself; however, the numerical control tube bending machine mold is produced by using a hydraulic cylinder without a rod cavity to generate pressure.

The fast-forward movement starts from the top dead center, and at the end, after a short brake, for example, bending the plate to a certain distance and ending, depending on the mold manufacturing requirements.

Second: static state

The bender is in the rest position where the upper bending beam is at the top dead center. This state is to prevent uncontrolled downward movement and reduce safety risks.

Third: decompression

The decompression of the rodless chamber is started after the dwell time after reaching the bottom dead center, and the precision of the workpiece can be further improved. Both pressure maintaining and depressurizing can be commanded by a proportional directional valve. Customize the running cycle time according to your needs. If you need to reduce the pressure, you can shorten it as much as possible, but the pressure reduction curve is not allowed to be too steep and as smooth as possible.

Fourth: return stroke

This involves a maximum return speed, which is mainly dependent on the flow rate of the pump and the bearing area of the cylinder. In the general case, the closer the fast speed, the higher the backhaul efficiency. The return trip also requires synchronization.

Fifth: stamping and bending

The final stage is stamping and bending. This is a key link and the last step in the production of the bending machine. The punching speed is limited by the oil supply of the oil pump and is also subject to manual intervention by the proportional valve directional valve.

The main part of the CNC tube bending machine production process is about these five processes. Each process involves several factors, including the quality and parameter of the machine itself, as well as human intervention, which may affect the elbow. Production and production of machine molds.