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The Difference Between Automatic Tube Bending Machine And Hydraulic Tube Bending Machine
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Automatic tube bending machine and hydraulic semi-automatic tube bending machine equipment in essence no difference.The automatic tube bending machine uses servo motor to control each dimension and angle to complete the automatic feeding, turning angle and bending tube, while the semi-automatic tube bending machine uses hydraulic system to process the bend tube, and the feeding and turning angle need to be measured and processed manually. 

They are also different in the positioning of tube bender products. Automatic tube bending machines are located in high-end pipeline processing equipment, and complete the processing products automatically by using the whole set of products. For the complex bend tube processing product is very convenient and quick to complete the excellent processing, one person can take care of two equipment;while semi-automatic tube bending machine needs to measure each size when bending complex tubes, one equipment needs two or three people to take care of the processing, not only in manpower Labor wastes costs, and the precision of tube bending is not as good as that of CNC tube bending machine.