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The Difference Between Two-dimensional Tube Bending Machine And Three-dimensional Tube Bending Machine
- Jan 18, 2019 -

Automation equipment with high efficiency, reduce labor costs, improve labor productivity and other advantages. Under the tide of transformation and upgrading of automatic tube bending machine in China, automatic tube bender enterprises can purchase similar automation equipment to further reduce costs and take advantage of the opportunity to tide over the difficulties. At present, China's fully automatic tube bending machine enterprises are facing a complicated international situation, and domestic competition is extremely fierce, which makes many enterprises unable to move.

Due to the different industry users of various CNC tube bending machines, the process objects and process are not the same. The CNC numerical control tube bending machine is mainly constructed in three ways:

A. Directly adopt embedded CNC system.The advantage is that the degree of freedom of programming is high, and it can be based on different pipe bending requests, without excessive mechanical intervention,the operation can be completed by using the programming, but the programming quality requirements for the personnel are relatively high.General models do not support the input of xyz geometric coordinate data.

B. It adopts the control method of programmable controller PLC, position/speed control unit, touch screen and AC servo drive unit phase separation.PLC ladder diagram, STL programming control position/ Organic Separation of Speed Unit and Touch screen,direct input of elbow processing data,supports the conversion of elbow XYZ geometric coordinate data to elbow YBC processing data.PLC hardware has high reliability, strong anti-interference, easy to maintain and re-develop software.

C. Using industrial grade computers、servo motion control board、AC servo unit,the system software is completed by a visualization program such as C language or VB,It can make full use of the diversity and functionality of computer resources, and can be used in applications such as complex mechanical structures such as complex motion processes and mechanical trajectories.In addition to the functions of the second method, it also increases the utility of pipe processing machinery intervention.The reliability of the hardware is slightly lower than that of the PLC system.It adopts PLC, position/speed control unit, touch screen and AC servo drive unit phase separation.The designed pipe bending machine system has two modes: manual and automatic operation. In the automatic mode, it can be divided into step-following bending and origin-string bending, which is convenient for processing a variety of complicated pipe fittings.

Regarding the pipe fittings with different bending radii, the upper and lower die switching is used to complete the processing of the pipe bending operation.For the bending of the pipe fittings for special machining requests, actions such as linkage, synthesis and corresponding auxiliary pushing are designed to prevent mechanical intervention and complete the automation of the tube bending process.The automatic CNC bending machine cooperates with the automatic loading and unloading machine to realize unmanned automatic production, realizing automatic production in the true sense, automatic equipment has low dependence on people, realizes intelligent production, Information exchange is compatible, workshop, office, leadership, the entire production process is well known, product quality has further leap.