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The Future Development Of China's Core Technology CNC Machine Tools
- Jan 10, 2019 -

China is a big country in machinery manufacturing, and the state attaches great importance to core manufacturing in some industries.In the CNC machine tool industry of our country, we are constantly taking the high-end intelligent development road. The country has always focused on the export strategy of domestic CNC machine tools.


During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, China’s domestic mid-range CNC system has a domestic market share of only 35%, while more than 95% of high-end CNC systems rely on imports.The development of China's CNC system and CNC machine tools has been prominent for a long time. The two have not formed a situation of mutual support, mutual promotion and common progress, nor have they formed a strategic cooperative relationship between development and application industry alliances and interest communities.This not only restricts the development and market competitiveness of China's CNC machine tool industry, but also restricts the development of China's CNC system industry.

According to the “Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for Machine Tool Industry” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is expected that the consumption of machine tool tools in China will grow steadily during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10%. By 2017, the annual consumption will be nearly 850 billion yuan. Around, the CNC system requires about 400,000 sets.The annual output of CNC machine tools exceeds 250,000 units, and the domestic market share is over 70%. The export of machine tool products will remain stable and continue to grow. It is estimated that by 2017, the total export value of machine tool products will reach about 11 billion US dollars.

The CNC system industry is a national strategic high-tech industry. CNC technology is the core technology that is related to national security and equipment manufacturing revitalization.