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The Robot Industry Welcomes The Opportunity Period
- Jan 24, 2019 -

The industry believes that in recent years, China's robot industry has developed rapidly, investment and financing in the primary market has continued to be hot, and mergers and acquisitions in the secondary market have been one after another.The science and technology board is a major advantage for robots to accelerate securitization, and the industry has ushered in an investment opportunity that is difficult for ten years.

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Expected improvement, good market

Based on the historical data of robot density increase in China and the improvement of robot density in comparable countries, Guojin Securities predicts that by 2022, the number of robots in China will reach 1,204,800, and the number of robots in 2018-2022 will increase by 757,200. In addition, the stock update demand was 182,900 units, bringing together a total of 940,000 robots, corresponding to a market size of 564 billion yuan.

Although the growth rate of China's robot sales in 2018 has declined, it has dropped to some extent compared with the high-speed growth of 58.6% in 2017.However, China has become the world's largest robot market for five consecutive years. It is the third country in the world with a complete industrial chain. The domestic competitiveness is constantly improving.From machine intelligence to artificial intelligence, it is expected to compete with the global industry.On the other hand, CES2019 recently opened in Las Vegas, USA, and the world premiere of Covos sweeping robot DG70 with AIVI visual recognition technology, demonstrating strong product iteration capability.In the later period, with the release of relevant policies, the consumption potential of China's residents will be further enhanced, and the service robot industry closely related to the daily life of residents will fully benefit.

Top layer design release is good

The science and technology board supports the hard technology and pilot registration system, which is a major positive for the robot industry at this stage.

Kechuang Board is positioned to “support the construction of Shanghai International Financial Center and Science and Technology Innovation Center”.According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the establishment of the Science and Technology Board is to hope that the capital market can support enterprises with core technologies, high market share, high-tech industries or strategic emerging industries, and certain conditions.Robots and artificial intelligence are important components of "hard technology."

Benefiting from capacity transfer and key technological breakthroughs, domestic RV reducers are expected to scale in 2019.The production capacity of the main body giants shifted to the mainland, the domestic production capacity climbed, and the supply of RV giants brought about the outbreak of domestic RV reducers. The domestic RV reducer broke through mass production in 2018, and the scale will be released after 2019.It is estimated that the market in 2019-2022 will be reached 35.9 billion yuan.

As of the end of December 2018, 19 provinces and cities in China's mainland have issued artificial intelligence plans, of which 16 have set specific industry scale development goals, and 16 provinces and cities in 2020 core industry scale targets will reach nearly 400 billion yuan, far exceeding the target of 150 billion yuan set at the national level.The top five provinces and cities in terms of industrial scale targets are Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Sichuan.

Guohai Securities believes that artificial intelligence has risen to the national strategy and policy-driven to promote the sustainable development of the artificial intelligence industry. It is recommended to focus on two major dimensions: first, artificial intelligence core technology, focusing on GPU localization; second, focusing on artificial intelligence and improvement and the field of people's livelihood.