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Transcending Oneself And Realizing Innovation
- Jan 03, 2019 -

When confronted with strong, it is strong. I think this is the most appropriate word for describing the Chinese. The comfortable era can support two generations, but it cannot satisfy the development of three generations.China can use labor-intensive access to the international door, but the door can not be open for long. 

Consolidating quality technology and process foundation is the foundation of creating quality.Manufacturing life lies in quality, quality is based on production, and production is based on craftsmanship.It is necessary to continue to promote industrial strong foundation projects, implement quality and technical research initiatives in key areas, encourage scientific research institutions and key enterprises to carry out technological innovation, and break the key common technical bottlenecks that restrict the improvement of manufacturing quality.Strengthen quality design, increase testing and verification technology development and reliability testing, and continuously improve product performance stability, functional reliability and quality consistency, and move closer to the international advanced level as soon as possible.Continue to promote process optimization activities in key industries, overcome a number of basic processes that affect quality upgrades, improve key process control levels, and ensure that good materials can produce good products.Focusing on CNC machine tools, rail transit, construction machinery and other industries, focusing on improving product accuracy, stability and service life, strengthening key technologies for design, manufacturing and testing, and improving the overall quality level of the industry chain through quality breakthroughs.

Improve enterprise quality management ability, is the basic support that creates quality. Technology and management are the "double wheels" of enterprise quality assurance system, among which, technology and technique are hard foundation, and management idea and method are soft support. It is necessary to guide enterprises to innovate management concepts, perfect management system, improve management methods, and strengthen quality management and service in all directions. Support enterprises to improve product life cycle quality traceability and strengthen the whole process quality management from raw material purchasing to production and sales. Vigorously promote the deep integration of manufacturing and the Internet, and make full use of advanced network information technology such as Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, etc., to improve quality precision control and online real-time detection capabilities.Promote system integration, cloud manufacturing, fault diagnosis, remote consulting and other online professional services to enhance the quality management capabilities of manufacturing enterprises. Further optimize the quality management ability training of small and medium-sized enterprises, improve the overall quality management level of Chinese enterprises. The research of quality management oriented to the future manufacturing mode is carried out to support enterprises to explore the innovation of quality management under the environment of digital economy and to summarize the theory and methods of quality management which are in line with the national conditions of China. 

Improving the quality construction standards system is an important measure to create quality.Standards determine quality, only high standards have high quality, only high standards can make good products.It is necessary to adhere to the standard leadership, formulate and implement quality standards that are in line with the international advanced level, shorten the standard revision cycle, and improve the advancement, effectiveness and applicability of quality standards.With the advantage of our manufacturing industry as the breakthrough point, the relevant enterprises are encouraged to lead or participate in the development of international standards, and to lead the quality improvement with high standards. It is necessary to optimize the supply structure of standards, promote the construction of market-oriented quality standards, support leading enterprises in emerging fields such as the industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, and establish leading industry standards, and support qualified associations. Industry alliance sets leading group standards and supports enterprises to adopt advanced quality standards to push product quality to a new level. Promote the establishment of a national unified standard information network platform, increase the supervision of the implementation of quality standards, conduct evaluation of the implementation of quality standards, and force enterprises to continuously improve product quality with high standards.Firmly promote the implementation of consumer goods standards and increase variety, raise quality, create brand "three products" special actions, and aim at consumer goods safety issues of concern to the masses and society, such as food, drugs, medical devices, etc. Speed up the development of relevant quality standards to improve the quality of upgrading, and increase the effective supply of high-end consumer goods.