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Tube Bending Machine Industry Develops Towards Environmentally Sustainable Development
- Jan 16, 2019 -

The huge automobile market is bound to stimulate the development of the machine tool industry related to spare parts, and according to KPMG's "Global Auto Industry executives Survey", China has as many as 6 million spare cars with spare capacity. Idle capacity is expected to rise to 9 million vehicles. At that time, the fierce competition of passenger car market in China, enterprises are facing the survival of the fittest, at the same time, large-scale merger and reorganization and market adjustment will appear.

The automotive and parts industry is the largest and most important user in the metal cutting machine and mold manufacturing industry. In terms of auto parts processing, CNC lathes and vertical machining centers produced in China can basically meet the needs of auto parts mold manufacturing.

In addition, multiple sensors are used in the production process of the machine tool, such as contact sensors for detecting position, proximity switches, piezoelectric sensors for detecting pressure, piezoresistive sensors and capacitive sensors,There are also common pyroelectric sensors based on platinum and copper, thermistor sensors based on semiconductor materials, and thermocouple sensors.On CNC machines, temperature sensors are used to sense temperature for temperature compensation into overheat protection.The machine tool production process is based on sensors and other components, and also puts higher demands on the sensor. The sensor expert network focuses on the connection between sensor technology and people's life, and provides a series of sensor solutions based on automotive electronics.

According to statistics, at present, China's automobile industry is the main body of machine tool consumption, and machine tools account for about two thirds of the total fixed assets investment of automobile factories. Among them, the demand for machine tools for auto parts processing is about 10 times greater than that for vehicle factories. It accounts for about 70% of the demand for machine tools in the automotive industry. Three years later, due to the large amount of idle capacity and large-scale mergers and acquisitions in China's auto industry, the demand for machine tools in China's auto processing industry will gradually decline, and the machine tools it needs will be more environmentally friendly and efficient.The increased demand in the machine tool industry has further increased the requirements and quality requirements of various sensors such as proximity switches, speed sensors, and pressure sensors.