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Under The Industrial 4.0, The Comprehensive Rise Of Offshore Wind Power Intelligent Manufacturing (2)
- Feb 12, 2019 -

In this visit to the Putian base, Polaris truly realized the significance of smart manufacturing to shape the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

The hardware equipment of Putian Base has introduced a series of high-level process equipment to the same-class European factory.A typical example: the introduction of the generator magnetic steel safety robot system and the torsion mechanical arm realizes the full automation of the inspection, magnetization, transportation and placement of the magnetic steel, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

In addition to intelligent production, the modules that reach the world-class advanced production technology are everywhere:The micro-running system reduces the swing to the maximum extent and ensures the accuracy of the equipment;Leica low-light tracker, express sensing temperature difference, size and other technical deviations;The advanced direct-drive generator test R&D center can meet the integration test and development of direct-drive generator sets with large megawatt capacity, and reduce the test time that originally required 2~3 days to 6 hours.


With such a comprehensive digital production equipment and a huge factory space of 230 meters in length, 120 meters in width and 30 meters in height, the factory is also facing huge energy consumption problems.

“Based on its own energy use, the base has built an intelligent microgrid integrated energy efficiency management system that combines energy management with Internet communications and cloud platform big data analysis.”General Manager Chen Hui said that this system is equivalent to the “brain” of the factory, real-time analysis and monitoring of energy use from the cloud, ensuring that the energy consumption of the plant is minimized, and achieving constant temperature and humidity production environment control, thus better control product quality.

It is worth mentioning that as the basis of “smart manufacturing”, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group is promoting the construction of the overall data platform based on “Fengyun System”. The Shanghai Electric 6MW fan unit of Xinghua Bay Offshore Wind Farm mentioned above is excellent. The performance also benefited from the remote monitoring and data support of the “Fengyun System”.

Layout high-power offshore wind turbine

In the 13th Five-Year Plan of Fujian Province, the total wind power planning in the offshore waters is 13.3 million kilowatts, and 17 wind farms in the waters under the jurisdiction of Putian, Zhangzhou and Ningde will be built.

Combined with the power structure of Fujian Province, it is not difficult to find that Fujian Province is striving for the highest priority in the country's high-renewable renewable energy generation:In 2017, the province's power generation installed capacity was 53.492 million kilowatts, the total installed capacity of clean energy accounted for 54.3%, and the total power generation accounted for 58.6%.Compared with the nation's second nuclear power installed capacity, offshore wind power has considerable development potential in Fujian.This also provides a rare opportunity for development and space for the Shanghai Electric Wind Power Manufacturing Base rooted in Putian.

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, Fujian Province threw out the "bidding documents" for offshore wind power, and "8MW units plus points" was hotly debated in the industry.General Manager Chen Hui said that the seabed structure along the coast of Fujian Province is special and the construction is difficult. Due to the monsoon and other reasons, the construction window period is shorter, and the large units are more economical.Previously, industry consultancy MAKE also disclosed data: The current 6.0-7.99MW MW offshore model is the largest megawatt rating in the world.It is expected that after 2023, the 10+MW platform will win more market share.

Facing the high power trend of offshore wind turbines, General Manager Chen Hui said that the Putian base has this consideration at the beginning of planning and design, and has the production capacity of 10+MW wind turbines.

As the leader of the domestic offshore wind power machine, Shanghai Electric's offshore layout can be seen from the construction of the Putian base.This internationally leading intelligent manufacturing center, which has been heavily invested, highlights Shanghai Electric's confidence and ability in independent research and development and secondary development in offshore wind power. On the other hand, it also reflects its core competitiveness and maritime leadership determination.

It is understood that including Shanghai Putian base, Shanghai Electric has built four production bases for the offshore market, distributed in Jiangsu Rudong, Shanghai Lingang, Fujian Putian, Guangdong Shantou, from the north to the southeast of the mountain to Guangdong's vast sea area .

From wind power equipment manufacturers to full life cycle service providers to “building a good wind power industry ecosystem”, Shanghai Electric's development philosophy has shown a far-sighted overall situation as time progressed.Today, Shanghai Electric has also established its own wind resource development company and began to extend to the upper and lower ends of the industrial chain.What can be seen is that in the face of the global trend of renewable energy subsidies, regardless of international or domestic wind power manufacturing enterprises,Increasing investment in smart manufacturing, promoting better performance and lower cost of offshore wind turbines will be the trend and direction of global offshore wind power in the future.

Look at the world and see the current status and development trend of global offshore wind power

According to the statistics of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), in 2016, the global new installation of offshore wind power plant was 2,219 MW, mainly in seven markets.Although the installed capacity has decreased by 31% compared with the same period of last year, the future prospects are promising. The installed capacity of offshore wind power in 14 markets worldwide is 14,384MW.The UK is the world's largest offshore wind power market, with installed capacity accounting for nearly 36% of the world, followed by Germany with 29%.In 2016, China's offshore wind power installed capacity accounted for 11% of the global installed capacity, replacing Denmark, ranking third.And Denmark accounted for 8.8%, the Netherlands 7.8%, Belgium 5%, Sweden 1.4%.In addition, markets such as Finland, Ireland, Spain, Japan, South Korea, the United States and Norway have jointly promoted the development of offshore wind power.