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Working Principle Of Pipe Cutting Machine
- Sep 30, 2018 -

Its principle is through the computer, hydraulic cooperation with each other, from the electrical system to control the hydraulic system of the direction of the oil circuit, to promote the drag plate for linear round-trip movement. Microcomputer will follow the user's self-made walk, in the round-trip movement, from the drag plate limit detected by the signal as the basis, control and change its oil circuit movement, so as to achieve the desired path. Buy cutting machine also need to understand its use: This machine is widely used in the handle industry, such as stainless steel pipe cutting, chamfering the automatic use of pipe. Can be placed ∮25 or below, the length of 6 meters of stainless steel pipe and seamless steel tubes.

For automatic feeding, cutting, chamfering process, one person tube multi-machine, reduce labor intensity and save personnel.