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Exhaust Pipe Bender

Exhaust Pipe Bender

exhaust pipe bender exhaust pipe bender uses industrial computer and CNC bending machine special software technology Auto parts application Multi-axis servo motor and servo hydraulic drive exhaust system with automatic feeding, automatic material transfer, automatic mold change, automatic...

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exhaust pipe bender

exhaust pipe bender uses industrial computer and CNC bending machine special software technology Auto parts application Multi-axis servo motor and servo hydraulic drive exhaust system with automatic feeding, automatic material transfer, automatic mold change, automatic reading of drawings, automatic editing and modification process Documents, automatic correction of rebound data, automatic correction of extended data, automatic loading and unloading, automatic detection of pipe fittings, automatic reverse modification of process files and machining programs based on test results, automatic diagnosis of faults, 3D pipe fitting display and demonstration, pipe fitting virtual machining simulation, 3D interference detection And other advanced features. The equipment has the advantages of high degree of automation, high precision, high work efficiency and low labor intensity. It is the preferred equipment for cold bending of aerospace, automotive, locomotive, motorcycle, marine, petrochemical, electric power, natural gas, nuclear industry, boilers, vehicles, fitness equipment, sporting goods and other pipe fittings.

Performance characteristics:

1. This CNC bending machine is a kind of high-intelligence and high-automatic bending equipment for multi-axis servo drive and application industrial computer control. The bending process is bending or bending + bending (pushing).

2. It is possible to install a variety of elbow molds with different bending radii at the same time to realize automatic machining of multiple different bending radii.

3. Using human-machine interface dialogue operation, all parameter data can be input through the touch screen, providing transmission software that can directly realize the data transmission function by using the serial port, and can be directly transported to the industrial control machine of the CNC bending machine through the server, through the server and the CNC bending The industrial computer of the pipe machine can be modified and can be judged for flexibility.

4. Network remote fault diagnosis can be performed through the remote desktop service mode.

5. The bending machine control system has perfect interference checking and self-protection functions. Before the program is executed, the safety inspection can be carried out according to the input mold parameters and processing program parameters. The interference time report* information prompts the operator.

6. Interference inspection range includes the mutual interference between the machine tool itself, the mold, the ground and the pipe material.

7. Choice of core or coreless bending.

8. The elbow data can be directly input by X, Y, Z three-dimensional coordinate values and can be automatically switched to Y, B, C machining values, or can be input according to the actual machining values of Y, B, C, and the two can be converted to each other. And can accurately calculate the length of the pipe.

9. With automatic editing of program image.

10. The maximum bending program memory capacity and the number of editable bends per group are not limited.

11. With power-off memory function, data can be saved permanently.

12. When editing and modifying the pipe bending program, you can add or delete a corner at any position. After the program editing is saved, you can rename it to another program.

13. Can be set manually, semi-automatic, fully automatic operation.

14. Feeding methods are available in pinch or direct delivery.

15. Manual decomposing action can be used during trial bending to observe the interference point and modify the action to improve efficiency.

16. Feeding, elbow and rotary tube have multiple speed selections.

17. With the pipe list function, you can connect the printer to print the information displayed on the screen.

18. Each bend can set the feeding, unwinding, and rotating three-axis movement or different movement to avoid interference points to improve production efficiency.

19. The position of the material to be fed, the safe position, the position of the wheel mode interference, and the position of the guided mode interference can be set to avoid machine collision failure and have a front and rear limit stop function.

20. When the input rotation angle is negative, the rotary axis can automatically rotate in the reverse direction.

21. With core rod automatic oil lubrication function, you can use software to start or cancel this function.

22. It has the function of slowly retreating the core.

23. The 3D stereogram can be directly generated from the input pipe data, and the pipe forming process can be simulated to pre-view the pipe forming pattern.

24. With screen computing tools for ease of use.

25. The internal data unit of the bender can realize metric/imperial switching.

26. The software can directly read the relevant graphic data of the parameter table in the AutoCAD drawing and automatically generate the bending program.

27. The rebound coefficient of the pipe can be calculated according to the input parameters, and the rebound and elongation compensation can be automatically performed and saved into the program.

28. The bender control system has a machining count function.

29. Programs and materials are password protected.

30. There is a complete machine fault reporting function, and the message* is displayed on the screen, which is convenient for the operator to find and troubleshoot.

31. With multiple personal security protection features.

32. Due to the complicated equipment technology, the specific technical requirements are subject to confirmation by the manufacturer.

Maximum pipe diameter and wall thickness


Maximum stainless steel pipe diameter and wall thickness


Maximum square tube and wall thickness


Maximum round bar


Maximum bending radius


Maximum core penetration distance


Maximum bending angle


Multilayer mold radius difference


Bending speed


Feeding speed


Feeding speed


Feeding accuracy


Maximum working pressure


Oil pump motor power


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