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Twin Head Tube Bender

twin head tube bender The main components of the DB38 double-head hydraulic pipe bending machine include two modules: the power drive system and the drive mechanism. The power system is composed of a motor and a reducer. During the operation of the machine, the fast forward (retraction) and the...

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twin head tube bender

The main components of the DB38 double-head hydraulic pipe bending machine include two modules: the power drive system and the drive mechanism. The power system is composed of a motor and a reducer. During the operation of the machine, the fast forward (retraction) and the hoist are respectively driven by the AC motor and the variable frequency motor, wherein the variable frequency motor provides the power of the double-head bender, that is, the stepless speed change, and the speed is controlled by the PLC. Double-head bending machines are widely used, such as automotive parts, air-conditioning ducts, etc. In many industries, products and wire bending require double-head bending machines to achieve plastic forming of pipes.

This twin head tube bender is a mature product that our factory has improved step by step based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology. The operation mode can flexibly select manual, automatic, semi-circular or complete cycle; the foot switch has three functions of start, emergency stop and emergency stop, which is convenient for the operator to operate, in case of unexpected situation, and the safety is greatly improved. The wheel molds and crank arms are designed to be compact, making the finished tube easy to remove; small diameter products can be bent in multiple passes. It can be bent at the same time with both ends or with only a single head, which is ideal for pipe and profile processing.



1. The bending of the pipe by the pipe bender is the same as the bending of the sheet. In the case of pure bending, when the tube with the outer diameter D and the wall thickness t is bent by the action of the external moment M, the outer wall of the neutral layer is subjected to the tensile stress to make the wall thin; the inner side of the neutral layer The pipe wall is also subjected to tensile stress, and the pipe wall becomes thick. Moreover, the shape of the cross section changes from a circular shape to an approximately elliptical shape due to the force of the resultant force. When the amount of deformation is too large, cracks may occur in the outer tube wall, and wrinkles may occur in the inner tube wall.

2. The inner surface of the ceramic composite pipe formed by this method is replaced by a ceramic layer. Compared with the carbon steel and manganese steel pipes, the wear resistance is improved to some extent, but the reaction temperature is not high (the average is not more than 1200). °C), the reaction time is short, the reduced alumina still stays in the low temperature phase, and can not be converted into a high temperature phase (transition temperature exceeds 1300 ° C).

3. The same is alumina, but the high temperature phase alumina and the low temperature phase alumina are indistinguishable in terms of strength, hardness and density. Due to the short reaction time, the centrifugal separation of the low temperature phase alumina and the molten iron is not complete, resulting in the ceramic layer not being dense, the particles loose, and the hardness is low.

4. If two bending arms are used for bending at the same time during production, the workload will be greatly accelerated during the manufacturing process.

5. The core of the whole machine is controlled by PLG and equipped with imported electrical components. The operator generally does not need extra battery maintenance when the program data is maintained.

6. The function of the oil pump is to send the oil to the friction parts of the engine, so that the oil circulates in the lubrication road to ensure that the engine is well lubricated. The oil pump is mostly a gear pump, which is composed of a gear pump body and the like. When the engine is working, the camshaft drives the driving gear of the pump body to rotate.

7. Double-head hydraulic pipe bending machine has different requirements on pipe diameter than ordinary single-head hydraulic pipe bending machine and automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine. The single-head hydraulic pipe bending machine can bend large-diameter pipes, and the automatic pipe bending machine requires high accuracy for bending accuracy.



1. The mold and clamping block are required to be centered, and the clamping block can be adjusted by bolts; the boosting block and the mold are centered, and the boosting block is adjustable; the core and the mold are centered, the core head bolt is loosened, and the center is adjusted. Fastening bolts;

2. The test mode can only be used for the dry running of the machine and cannot be used for machining;

3. The process parameters are only allowed to be adjusted by authorized personnel;

4. When plugging or unplugging the connector, the wire or cable cannot be pulled to prevent the solder from coming off.

5. Proximity switches, encoders, etc. cannot be struck by hard objects.

6. Do not hit the display unit with sharp objects.

7. Do not install it privately, change the PC input and output;

8. When adjusting the machine tool (mold), the adjuster should press the button to adjust. Never adjust one on the machine and the other on the control cabinet.

9. Remove the core rod when adjusting the machine or emptying the vehicle;

10. When adjusting the speed of the side push cylinder manually, adjust the speed of the arm to be > 900. The adjustment speed is the line speed synchronization of the edge of the bending arm of the rotating arm. It is forbidden to push the pushing speed faster than the edge of the rotating die in the manual state. speed


DB38-90 Double head hydraulic pipe bending machine

Maximum bending capacity

Round pipe / iron pipe( S=40kgf/mm ² )


Processing quantity










Bending radius / round tube


Bending radius / square tube


Bending angle


Bending speed


Head angle range


Head spacing (internal rotation)


Head spacing (external rotation)


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