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Custom Tube Bending Line

custom tube bending line The custom tube bending line is mainly used to produce square tubes with TDF flanges/angle steel flanges with a processing capacity of 1000-2000 square meters per day. After entering the size of the pipe you want to machine, the machine can perform the following...

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custom tube bending line

The custom tube bending line is mainly used to produce square tubes with TDF flanges/angle steel flanges with a processing capacity of 1000-2000 square meters per day. After entering the size of the pipe you want to machine, the machine can perform the following functions: unwinding, leveling, crimping, grooving and punching, shearing, Pittsburgh locking, TDF flange forming/angle flange forming and hydraulic folding. Optional material automatic stacking system


1. Linear structure reduces paper transfer time and improves production efficiency.

2. Material frame is controlled by speed adjustable converter motor

3.10 Roller for leveling and grooving to ensure flatness of metal sheets of various thicknesses

4. With the material processing saving mode, the user can greatly reduce the metal sheet waste of each material coiler to less than 20mm.

5, with the characteristics of the servo motor driven by the folding process, accurate positioning, especially in the production of square pipes have obvious advantages.

6. Input adopts two modes: screen sturdiness and keyboard input to ensure system stability.

7. Only one person is required to operate the machine and two people can take the pipe.

8. The speed of each component can be adjusted as needed.

9. Statistics and management processing counting functions, including daily count and total count.

10. Support printing function of production management.

11. All-steel welded structure, aging vibration treatment, removal of internal stress, high strength and good rigidity.

12. Torque shaft forced synchronous mechanical limiter balance, high precision.

13. Integrated hydraulic transmission system, large-scale speed regulation, slider transmission, stable and reliable performance.

14. The rear stop and slider can be electrically adjusted by manual fine adjustment and digital indication.

15. The adjustment mechanism of the slider independent of the cylinder assembly to improve the sealing effect, and the upper mold has a tilt warp shifting mechanism.

16. Multi-machine combination operation is possible.

17. Safety rails are optional. (protective barrier, photoelectric protection device)

18. The machine is equipped with ATOS valves; NOK oil seals, the main components of SCHNEIDER power.

19. Electronic control system: the application of world-renowned controllers. For example, servo drives, servo motors, positioning modules and CPUs manufactured by Mitsubishi, Yaskawa and Delta are used, which have powerful performance and excellent stability.

20. Apply a very large CPU that can hold 400 files. If it is not enough, you can purchase and install the transfer software for your computer. Archives can be stored on the hard drive to expand the number of edit groups indefinitely. (optional)

21. The WINDOWS operating system is installed on the industrial computer and cooperates with the servo system. It not only has the servo drive function, but also has the file management convenience brought by the WINDOWS operating system. Archives can also be stored on a hard disk or floppy disk to expand the number of edit groups indefinitely.

22. It automatically detects errors and faults and displays them on the screen so that the operator can easily eliminate the fault.

23. All processing data is input through the touch screen. Each elbow can set the compensation value, speed and demolding gap according to different materials.

24. For the same tube, each elbow can have 5 action sequences and 10 speed segments, independent of the operator's operation. In addition, it can improve work efficiency and reduce tube interference points.

25. If it is another language on the screen, you can switch between Chinese and English on the touch screen, or order the product as required. (optional)

26. Materials can be delivered directly or packaged as required, and XYZ coordinates can be automatically switched to YBC processing values.

27. Once the data has been edited, the data will be password protected to prevent unauthorized data changes. (optional)

28. Provide a heat exchanger for the electronic control system for automatic heat dissipation. If required, an NC air conditioner can be purchased to ensure the life of the electrical control system. (optional)

29. The machine is equipped with an automatic oil filling system to reduce the friction of the elbow and ensure the quality of the elbow. (optional)

30. The machine can be connected to the printer to print all the data on the screen. (optional)

31. The communication interface and data unit can be provided for the machine. The network line will be connected to Liye. The engineer will perform remote operation and control, real-time monitoring, software update and troubleshooting. (optional)

32. The feed position of the feed carriage, the interference position of the safety device and the digital module, and the interference position of the guide mode can be manually fine-tuned.

Max bending capability(mm)

25*2 A3

38*2 A3

Max bending radius(mm)



Stretch range



Core pulling effective distance



Feeding precision(mm)



Feeding speed (mm/S)



Max bending angle



Rotation precision



Bending speed(Degree/S)



Rotation precision



Rotating speed(Degree/S)




380V 50HZ

380V 50HZ

Voltage of control valve



Voltage of control valve



Power of oil pump motor(kw)



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