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Muffler Tube Bender

Muffler Tube Bender

muffler tube bender Working principle of muffler tube bender: The high-pressure oil output by the electric oil pump is sent into the working oil cylinder through the high-pressure oil pipe. The high-pressure oil pushes the plunger in the working oil cylinder to generate thrust, and bends the...

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muffler tube bender

Working principle of muffler tube bender: The high-pressure oil output by the electric oil pump is sent into the working oil cylinder through the high-pressure oil pipe. The high-pressure oil pushes the plunger in the working oil cylinder to generate thrust, and bends the pipe through the bent pipe part. General structure of hydraulic pipe bending machine: Pipe bending machine is generally composed of electric oil pump, high pressure oil pipe, quick joint, working cylinder, plunger, elbow parts (including upper flower board, lower flower board, die head, roller shaft). Hydraulic pipe bending machine is suitable for installation pipelines and repairs in factories, warehouses, docks, buildings, railways, automobiles, etc. In addition to the elbow function, it can also be used to remove the elbow parts as a separate hydraulic overhead machine.

(1) Hardware design:

 Control system: One end of the cable is connected to the PLC, and the other end is connected to the man-machine interface. The two are connected to each other through this cable. After the PLC receives the signal, it performs various tasks with the hydraulic cylinder.

The heart of the system is the PLC. It is an automated control program focused on the microcontroller. Such computer devices are both reliable and stable in industrial production processes. The system for realizing control has 8 parts, one of which is the auxiliary push control, the second is the control of the core, the third is the grab control, the fourth is the guide control, and the fifth is the control of the corner of the car. Its seven pipe fixtures and other controls, and so on.

(2) Software design:

The control system software mainly includes an interface that a person and a machine can communicate with each other and a program of main control of the system. The screen must correspond to the button, and the button must correspond to the PLC program. The three are coordinated. The procedure should be coordinated with the actual work site. After the signal of human interaction with the machine is issued, it should be accepted by the PLC, and then the PLC will control the elbow according to the requirements.

In the project, it is usually divided into cold-bent pipe and hot-bent pipe according to whether the pipe is heated or not. According to whether there is filler in the bending, it is divided into a cored pipe and a coreless pipe. The stainless steel pipe, especially the thin-walled stainless steel pipe is bent. Cold bending method.

(1) The cold bending method is to bend the pipe at normal temperature. Since the pipe bending machine does not need heating, it is more suitable for bending stainless steel pipe, aluminum pipe and copper pipe. The commonly used cold bending method has rolling bending (rounding machine - rounding machine). Pulling and bending, pushing and bending, and pressure bending, etc., now mainly introduces the problems associated with the pipe fitting in the bending and forming. In general, the bending radius of the cold bend should be no less than 1.5 times the diameter of the pipe. Because the tube has a certain elasticity. However, after the external force applied during bending is eliminated, the tube will bounce back to an angle, and must have a certain amount of bending back when bending. The amount of rebound is related to the mechanical properties of the pipe material, the wall thickness and the radius of the bend. Generally, the rebound angle of the copper pipe is about 2-5 degrees.

(2) Pulling and bending is to clamp the pipe on the curved wheel die. As the bending die rotates together, when the pipe is pulled through the pressing block, the pressing block presses the pipe on the wheel die, which belongs to the bending process of the forming die. With the development of CNC tube bending machine and CNC machine tool industry, the use of advanced CNC tube bending machine to achieve the bending process can greatly improve production efficiency and ensure product quality. Because the process parameters can be easily adjusted, the CNC pipe bending machine can accurately and stably complete the processes of straightening, calibration, feeding and bending. The bending accuracy of the control piece is guaranteed. However, the quality of the curved copper tube is more sensitive to the process parameters, so sufficient preliminary preparation and trial work are required, especially for bending thin-walled copper tubes. If the process parameters are improperly selected, wrinkles are likely to occur, resulting in scrapping of the workpiece. How to efficiently and accurately obtain these process parameters, fully guarantee the quality of the bent pipe products. It is a research pilot of the CNC tube bending machine process.

(3) In the bending and bending of the hydraulic pipe bending machine, the position of the mandrel with respect to the bending point is very important. The mandrel advances a certain position relative to the bending point (the working end of the mandrel exceeds the center line of the wheel mold), although the ellipticity can be reduced. Small, but when the position of the mandrel is too much, the pipe wall is reduced. Therefore, the position of the mandrel should be determined after bending 3-4 samples. In addition, the mandrel must be considered when bending the thick wall pipe. Moving backwards, when the automatic pipe bending machine bends the thin-walled pipe, the mandrel must move forward.



Taking the biggest bending radius 1.5D suitable for carbon steel tube materials as example



Taking the biggest bending radius 1.5D suitable for stainless steel tube materials as example


Max Effective Distance of Mandrel


Biggest Bending Radius



Biggest Bending Angle


The number of bends set in each tube


Maximun Oil Pressure


Motor power


Machine Weight




Machine Size


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