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Round Pipe Bending Machine

round pipe bending machine Round pipe bending machine all-steel welded structure, heat treatment eliminates internal stress, has good rigidity and stability; twisted shaft synchronous mechanical stop balance, high precision; integrated hydraulic system, drive on the slider, large speed...

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round pipe bending machine

Round pipe bending machine all-steel welded structure, heat treatment eliminates internal stress, has good rigidity and stability; twisted shaft synchronous mechanical stop balance, high precision; integrated hydraulic system, drive on the slider, large speed adjustment range, stable and reliable operation; The bending angle and the back gauge stroke are adjusted; the slider stroke adjustment mechanism is separated from the cylinder assembly to improve the sealing performance; the upper mold is equipped with a wedge deflection compensation system; and the bending machine of 250 tons or more adopts the lower workbench compensation system.



1. The design of the rib of the machine head part and the bed part is annealed to eliminate the internal stress, and the whole has sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent permanent deformation.

2. When the drive spindle is assembled, it is directly inserted from the upper part of the machine head, which is accurate to install and easy to maintain. The elbow main shaft and the transmission sprocket are integrally cast, and the whole processing, the overall hobbing, the keyless connection, and the uniform force.

3. The drive spindle is driven by a double cylinder, and the elbow is 1.25 rpm. During the bending process, the hydraulic system automatically throttles the buffer before the angle is set close to the bending setting, which greatly improves the bending precision. The return is 3.2 rev / min, fast reset, and a throttling buffer is provided near the starting point, which greatly improves the reset accuracy and working efficiency, and the maintenance of the chain is not required by the reset back pressure.

4. The main three-stick drive and the drive of the rate adjustment drive are driven by oil pressure and the action is stable.

5. The adjustment range of the curvature rate adopts the grating ruler, the control is precise, and the two sticks can be set to adjust the curvature at the same time, which is simple and convenient.

6. Adopt advanced CNC system for bending machine, with advanced technology and stable performance. It can be displayed in English or other languages, and the human-machine dialogue interface is friendly.

7. Fault detection system and warning function automatically, the screen prompts error message and processing comments. It has an automatic compensation function based on the actual rebound amount.

8. With counting function, the number of processing is processed at any time.

9. All bending setting data can be saved in the system for permanent memory and ready for use. Received, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation.

10. A powerful cooling system allows the machine to operate stably in the tropics.

11. Change the mold groove shape, can process various metal profiles, such as angle steel, flat steel, round pipe and other special-shaped section profiles.


Machine installation:

1. When operating the CNC arc bending machine, wear factory clothes, oil resistant, cuffs should not be loose, clothes should be tight as far as possible, and loose clothes should not be worn to prevent machine strains. Safety measures should be done well, wear neatly, and make up makeup or skirts.

2, the operator of the arc bending machine must be trained to work, at least to understand the basic structure of the machine, product features and abrasive installation methods, you can operate this machine.

3. The power supply configuration and various accessory devices on the bending arc machine should be assembled in accordance with relevant regulations.

4. The assembly of the grinding tools on the curved arc machinery should be reasonable, stable and reliable. Can be used correctly

5. The protection device of the CNC arc bending machine should pay attention to the operation, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble it. In order to avoid accidents. 6, the foundation of the arc bending machine should have a stable device

7. When working, first check the air pressure, hydraulic pressure or servo of the compressor, add the relevant lubricating oil, and carry out inspection.

8. After the start-up, it is necessary to preheat for 5 minutes and the equipment is running normally;

9. When the machine is in operation, the material must be assembled and the test is started. When the bending machine and the grinding tool and the numerical control console are assembled correctly, the product is processed.

10. When the machine is running, non-operators should keep a certain distance from the equipment in operation.

11. When operating, you should always keep an eye on the operation of the equipment. If there is an unexpected sound, you should immediately stop the inspection.

12. When mass production, always be cautious to prevent accidents.

13. When a person operates a piece of equipment, the main person in charge should be identified, and the main person in charge should arrange the maintenance and use of the machine.

14. After the arc bending machine is used, it should be kept clean, shut down and powered off.

15. The arc bending machine should pay attention to maintenance when not in use, and often wipe and test the function of spare parts.




Maximum applicable carbon steel pipe

Φ38.1 x 1.9t

Example of bending radius 1.5D

Φ31.75x 3.5t

Maximum applicable stainless steel pipe bending radius 1.5D as an example

Φ31.75x 2.2t

Maximum core length(a)


Maximum bending radius


Maximum bending angle


The number of bends per pipe can be set


Maximum hydraulic pressure


Machine weight(kg)


Machine size  L.W.H (cm)

270 x 60 x 125

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