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Stainless Steel Bar Bender

Stainless Steel Bar Bender

stainless steel bar bender stainless steel bar bender is widely used for plates such as stainless steel sheets. The transmission is basically open-type, single-acting, mechanical or hydraulic, with a long and narrow workbench. Generally, the cold bending machine can only produce linear parts....

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stainless steel bar bender

stainless steel bar bender is widely used for plates such as stainless steel sheets. The transmission is basically open-type, single-acting, mechanical or hydraulic, with a long and narrow workbench. Generally, the cold bending machine can only produce linear parts. Obviously, the length of the parts produced by the machine depends on the type and thickness of the stainless steel material, the power of the machine and the size of the tools that can be installed. Some large-scale cold-bending equipment is 11 meters long, and the standard 900-ton cold-bending punching machine can produce stainless steel cold-formed parts with a length of 9m and a thickness of 8.0mm.


Machine features:

1. This model is an economical automatic three-dimensional CNC pipe bending machine, which can automatically bend, automatically feed and automatically tilt the angle. The three-dimensional pipe fittings can be automatically bent at one time. The feeding and tilting axes are servo. The motor and servo drive are controlled to drive, the elbow shaft is controlled by the oil pressure value, and the auxiliary push is adjusted by the regulating valve.

2. Both the feeding and tilting axes can be set to 1-8 speed according to the actual workpiece condition. The elbow shaft adjusts the matching speed through a pressure regulating valve.

3. The electronic control system adopts well-known brand controllers and super large PLCs with strong performance and good stability.

4. Equipped with 10.4′′ color touch screen, man-machine dialogue operation, easy to understand. All elbow data can be input through touch screen.

5. The screen display text is available in both Chinese and English for switching. If you need other countries, the text can be ordered.

6. Each tube can be set to 32 bends (or selected by the user), and the memory capacity can store 330 sets (or 125 sets) of bend data.

7. After the data editing is completed, there is a key lock function to prevent the data from being modified arbitrarily.

8. With power-off memory function, data can be saved permanently.

9. Manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic operation mode can be set. Manual decomposing action can be used during the trial bending to observe the interference point and modify the action.

10. Each bend can be set to feed, bend, and rotate the three axes to move or move differently to avoid interference points, thus improving production efficiency. There are eight ways to choose from: 1 feeding → retreating → tilting; 2 (feeding + reversing) → tilting; 3 (feeding + reversing + tilting); 4 feeding → tilting → reversing; 5 ( Feeding + tilting → returning; 6 retreating → feeding → tilting; 7 tilting → retreating → feeding; 8 retreating → (feeding + tilting).


Correct operation:

1. The equipment should be installed on a flat and solid floor. When installing the load-bearing frame, the center of the load-bearing trough should be aligned with the center line of the guiding cylinder, straightening cylinder, lower cutting hole or shearing gear groove, and keep it straight.

2. After installation, it is necessary to check the electrical circuit and parts for damage, whether the connection parts of the machine are reliable, whether the transmission parts are flexible, and the test operation can be carried out after confirmation.

3. First check whether the bearing, hammer, cutter or shearing gear is normal after the operation of the empty machine. Only when the abnormal condition is confirmed, the feeding test can be straightened and cut off.

4. The material chute should be installed straight, align the center line of the straightening tube and the lower cutting hole of the guiding cylinder, turn the flywheel by hand, check the working mechanism of the transmission mechanism, and adjust the gap fastening bolt. After confirming the normal operation, start the dry running, check that the bearing should have no abnormal sound, the gears are well matched, and the operation can be performed after the normal operation.

5. According to the diameter of the straightening machine steel bar, first use the appropriate straightening block and transmission speed. After passing the debugging, the material can be fed. It is forbidden to open the protective cover during the feeding operation before the unfixed protective cover of the straightening machine block is not covered. And adjusting the gap,

6. When the steel bar is sent in, the hand and the wheel must be kept at a certain distance and should not be close. Before the feeding, the straight head should be cut off. Before the guiding tube, a steel pipe of one meter long should be installed. The steel bar must pass through the steel pipe before sending. Into the guide hole of the straight front end,

7. When the straightening machine is working, no unrelated personnel are allowed to stand near the machinery, especially when the steel bars on the tray are almost finished, it is necessary to prevent the ends of the steel bars from hitting people.

8. The steel bar bending machine belongs to an improvement of the structure of the steel bar bending machine, and its efficiency is extremely high, which can replace 20-30 steel workers.


Max. pipe diameter (iron pipe) mm


Min.bending radius


(5 times greater than the diameter of the tube )

Bending speed


Motor power


Power supply

380V 50HZ(Customizable)

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