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Aluminum Tube Cutting Machine

Aluminum Tube Cutting Machine

aluminum tube cutting machine The aluminum tube cutting machine and the automatic aluminum cutting machine adopt pneumatic driving mode, semi-automatic work, sawing, retracting, pressing the workpiece, loosening the workpiece, etc. The machine is automatically completed, and the manual only...

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aluminum tube cutting machine

The aluminum tube cutting machine and the automatic aluminum cutting machine adopt pneumatic driving mode, semi-automatic work, sawing, retracting, pressing the workpiece, loosening the workpiece, etc. The machine is automatically completed, and the manual only needs to complete the feeding work, which has high efficiency. It has the advantages of accurate precision and power saving. It is widely used in precision processing industries such as furniture factories, lighting factories, bicycle factories, baby carriage factories, copper processing factories, and tube processing factories.



1. The cutting has no burrs and no dust. It can be cut from 15 degrees to 90 degrees. The smooth cross section is perfect!

2. High-speed aluminum cutting machine lathe, turning center type and multi-axis combined machining machine. Mainly meet the needs of aerospace, aviation, instrumentation, instrumentation, electronic information and bioengineering industries.

3. High-speed cutting aluminum machine tools and high-speed, vertical and horizontal machining centers. It mainly meets the needs of large-scale complex structural brackets, shells, cabinets, light metal materials and precision parts for automobile engine cylinder heads and aerospace, high-tech and other industries.

4, heavy-duty, super-heavy aluminum profile machine tools: aluminum profile floor milling and boring machine, heavy-duty aluminum gantry boring and milling machine and gantry machining center, heavy-duty aluminum profile horizontal lathe and vertical lathe, aluminum heavy-duty hobbing machine, etc., these products meet energy , aerospace, military, ship mainframe manufacturing, heavy machinery manufacturing, large mold processing, steam turbine cylinders and other industrial parts processing needs.

5, aluminum profile grinding machine: aluminum profile super-precision grinding machine, high-speed high-precision crankshaft grinder and camshaft grinding machine, all kinds of high-precision high-speed special grinding machines, etc., to meet the precision and ultra-precision processing needs.

6. Aluminum profile electric processing machine tools: large-scale precision aluminum profile EDM machine tools, aluminum profile low-speed wire EDM cutting machine tools, precision small hole electric machine tools, etc., mainly to meet large and precision mold processing, precision parts processing, taper holes Or special-shaped hole processing and special needs of aerospace, aviation and other industries.

7. Aluminum profile metal forming machine tools (forging equipment): aluminum profile high-speed precision sheet metal stamping equipment, laser cutting compound machine, aluminum profile strong spinning machine, etc., mainly to meet the automotive, motorcycle, electronic information industry, home appliances and other industries sheet metal batch High-efficiency production requirements and processing requirements for various thin-walled, high-strength, high-precision rotary parts in the automotive wheel and military industry.

8. Special machine tools and production lines for aluminum profiles: flexible processing automatic production line FMS/FMC and various special aluminum profile machine tools. These production lines are for the processing of cylinders, cylinder heads, gearbox boxes, etc. in the automotive, home appliance and other industries. Batch shell and box parts processing needs. 9, automatic material and saw material, sawing angle is accurate; low vibration, low noise; simple operation, high efficiency.

10. Add automatic fuel injection device to extend the service life of the saw blade and smoother surface of the workpiece without burrs. It has high safety and automatic feeding to reduce the labor intensity of workers.

11, floating automatic feeding, feeding freely, to prevent material surface scratching high efficiency, high quality, low cost cutting.

12, the use of imported accessories (spindle and electrical accessories, etc.) is an important guarantee for long-term stable processing of the machine.


How to choose the aluminum cutting machine equipment that is suitable for your own use:

one. Choose the right aluminum cutting machine according to your cutting requirements

1. If the cutting amount is small, the cutting effect is not high, or it needs to be moved at any time, such as on the construction site, house decoration, outdoor installation, the first recommendation is to use a simple hand-type aluminum cutting machine, which is cheap and portable. Convenience.

2. If the cutting amount is small, but the cutting effect is good, if the cutting precision is high, the end surface is flat and bright, and the operation safety factor is high, it is recommended to use the desktop aluminum cutting machine. Generally, the semi-automatic aluminum cutting machine is recommended. Can be satisfied, only need to confirm the cutting ability with the manufacturer at the time of purchase, such as telling the manufacturer what material to cut, the width of the material is how wide, how high, how long to cut, how about the shape of the material, etc. . It is recommended that the semi-automatic aluminum cutting machine is more suitable for cutting long materials (100MM or more), because if the cutting is too short, the cut material is not easy to take out;

3. If the cutting amount is very large, or the cutting effect is required, it is recommended to use the automatic aluminum cutting machine, which can automatically feed and cut automatically, but generally for cutting small materials and short materials (- the recommended cutting length is within 300MM) If the cutting length is more than 300MM, the efficiency advantage of the automatic aluminum cutting machine will gradually decrease.

Second, according to the thickness of the cutting material to buy a knife

At present, the aluminum cutting machine on the market mainly has two kinds of cutting methods, the first one is the up and down lifting knife, and the second type is the horizontal cutting knife. Because the cutting machine of the upper and lower cutters has low cost and high cost performance, it is favored by many consumers, but because the cutting machine of the upper and lower cutters cuts the thick material or the solid material, the saw blade eats too much, and thus the swing is too large. Affecting the cutting effect, this is the pain that has been lingering from the upper and lower cutting aluminum machine. In contrast, the aluminum cutting machine for horizontal cutting can avoid this problem, but because of its high cost, the price is naturally not cheap. At the time of purchase, consumers can only choose the appropriate way of cutting according to their own economic conditions and cutting requirements.


Third, choose the way of feeding and discharging

1. Semi-automatic aluminum cutting machine. When purchasing, you need to ask whether the manufacturer is equipped with feeding racks and discharging racks. Currently, there are some manufacturers on the market, some manufacturers do not match, and if they are matched, how long they are, these must be clearly understood. The general standard is equipped with 3M feeding frame and 1.5M discharging frame. If the length is not enough, it can be customized and lengthened by the manufacturer. In addition, it is necessary to understand whether the positioning of the discharging frame is bilateral or unilateral. In order to reduce the cost, many manufacturers use only single-sided guide rails to locate the mountain. Such positioning accuracy of the backing is difficult to guarantee. It is generally recommended to purchase a backing with a bilateral guide rail, which has stable positioning and good verticality.

2. Fully automatic aluminum cutting machine. At present, there are mainly two feeding modes, the first one is pneumatic feeding, and the second is servo feeding. The advantage of pneumatic feeding is that the price ratio is high. The feeding accuracy is generally plus or minus 0.1MM-0.15MM, which can meet most cutting processing requirements. The size adjustment is locked by moving mechanical devices. Generally, the cutting length is not much. However, each type of cutting is relatively large, not often changing the length of the size, but then again, if you often change the cutting length size, the cutting amount is generally not too much, so we will not consider fully automatic The aluminum cutting machine is gone. Servo feeding is also called CNC cutting aluminum machine. Its advantage is that it is easy to adjust the size. It can input the cutting length parameter directly on the touch screen. It is suitable for changing the cutting length size frequently. The cutting length precision is different: this depends What kind of servo system is used by the manufacturer? What kind of screw is used? The accuracy is from plus or minus 0.05MM to 0.2MM. In addition, the servo cutting machine with a slightly more reliable quality is twice the price of the pneumatic cutting machine. the above.




max cuting force


distance between beam and working table


the size of working table


the thickness of the working table


auto feeding motor


the diameter of the cylinder


pump displacement


the diameter of the four column


motor power






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