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Boiler Tube Cutting Machine

Boiler Tube Cutting Machine

boiler tube cutting machine The boiler tube cutting machine is a state-of-the-art high-precision bench-top cutting machine for precision cutting and surface-free cutting, especially for the precision cutting of large samples. It is suitable for a range of materials with hardness ranging from low...

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boiler tube cutting machine

The boiler tube cutting machine is a state-of-the-art high-precision bench-top cutting machine for precision cutting and surface-free cutting, especially for the precision cutting of large samples. It is suitable for a range of materials with hardness ranging from low to high and is highly flexible. The machine is easy to operate, powerful and safe to use. It is one of the most ideal equipment for industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research institutes to prepare high quality samples. This machine can quickly and accurately cut all kinds of bearing steel tools, steel gears, steel bars, steel bars, precision cutting aluminum rods and copper rods. Faster cutting machine is the best tool for forging and machine cutting before cutting, with cutting speed Extremely fast, high cutting precision, fully automatic computer CNC control, unattended, the rack can bear up to 6000 kg, accurate cutting, material tail and finished product can be automatically collected, maximizing saving human resources, It is an indispensable production and processing machine for modern factories.



1. Suitable for sawing all kinds of special-shaped non-ferrous metals, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, plastic steel materials, plastic, PVC, electric wood, plexiglass (acrylic) and carbon fiber, especially suitable for copper and Aluminum electronic parts, heat sinks, audio panels, graphics cards, network cards, CPUs, hard disk cases, MP3 aluminum cases, U disk aluminum cases, aluminum extrusion and profile sawing.

2, high precision sawing, smooth and burr-free cutting surface, no secondary processing, high efficiency.

3, only the foot switch, mechanical automatic material and saw material. It is safe and easy. The pressure material is made of high-quality rubber strip, which is not easy to damage the surface of the workpiece.

4. The hidden saw blade is sawed from bottom to top, which has high safety. It can be sawed at the same time with single or multiple materials, with low vibration and low noise.

5. The material feeding system is driven by two-way linear bearings, controlled by independent air cylinders, and the material is highly stable (the material pressure can be adjusted separately according to the material type to prevent material damage caused by heavy pressure)

6, according to the size and thickness of the material, set the height and speed of the material and the cutting height and speed)

7. The spindle runs at high speed, and the automatic fuel injection device is added to provide proper lubrication to the saw blade, which makes the surface of the workpiece smoother and free of burrs and prolongs the service life of the saw blade.

8, additional angle template can be used for angle cutting. Alloy sheets for various circular sawing machines (cut aluminum profiles, plexiglass), high-speed steel saw blades (cut stainless steel, iron pipe, steel pipe, copper, etc.), the full range ,stable quality

9. It is equipped with blades suitable for pipe cutting of various materials. HSS series cutting cutters for planetary pipe cutting machines can also be used for German +GF+ and French AXXAIR pipe cutting machines. They are manufactured using high quality tool steel or cobalt alloy steel through special processes. Suitable for cutting all types of standard metal materials.

10. It is a kind of metal pipe cutting machine. As the name suggests, stainless steel pipe cutting machine is a machine that cuts stainless steel pipe. Automatic stainless steel pipe cutting machine can quickly cut stainless steel pipe and can adjust the diameter of cutting products at will, and can also be customized. Cutting size, cutting speed, number of cuts and no material shutdown.

11. Connect the vise clamping material through the hydraulic cylinder to control the forward conveying material through PLC or CNC system. The motor drives the worm gear and gear in the gear box to drive the cutting saw blade to cut the stainless steel pipe or steel pipe. Watering or coolant is required for cooling when cutting.

12. The cutting machine works by the PLC or CNC control system to control the direction of movement and cutting speed of the feeding. After inputting the length and cutting speed to be cut in the onboard computer, turn on the cooling water switch and the pipe cutting machine will perform the cyclic cutting action according to the input program instructions. The general stainless steel pipe raw material is 6 meters long, when cutting to the end. When the material length reaches the set size of the material-free shutdown, the machine will automatically stop to prevent the cutting blade and the machine from malfunctioning due to improper feeding, and even cause the operator to be accidentally injured.







Cutting Capacity






Angle material





Round tube





Square tube





Head Spindle

Application of TCT tungsten carbide circular saw blade

Φ250×2.0 / Φ285×2.6mm


Application of HSS high speed steel circular saw biade

Φ250-Φ285 / Φ2.0-2.5mm

Rotation number of culter



Spindle driving motor

7.5kw 4P


Tool gap compensation device

Penumatic clamping

Magnetic powder brake

Tool shockproof paraliel block

Tungsten carbide

Tool Chip cleaner

Steel brush disc

Cut-off feeding way

Rocker type/AC servo

Japan Mitsubishi AC servo motor / grinding grade ball screw

Clamp method

Hydraulic/Horizontal and vertical

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